A Mother and The Three Sons

Beautiful and meaning ful story. Imyself 78 years old and understand the feelings of mother. congratulations.

Kamal's Blogging Café

-Kamal Shrestha, 25 July 2020; shyresk@gmail.com

There was a small family living in a countryside area— a mother and three sons. The mother was so much loving and caring to them. She grew them well and had given a good education. Once they had received their degree from the university, they left home in search of good job opportunities in the biggest city.

They found good careers for them as they had expected there in the biggest city. They were very honest and hardworking guys. They invested their full time in the business of a company. So they were able to expand the business of the company worldwide soon. They received numerous awards and prizes. Their life were full of happiness, excitement and prosperous one touching the height of success as sky-crapper buildings.

So many years after, they became rich and prestigious people in the world and thought to have…

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