Author’s Note : Journey so Far

इतने कम समय में इतनी उपलब्धियां।!साहित्य के शीर्ष पुरुष बनो, हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ।

The Thinking Pen

Here I am, feeling ecstatic, overwhelmed and nervous while writing this post. I started this blog because writing is my emotional outlet and I needed a place to vent my thoughts. I never thought that I will receive this kind of outreach or appreciation for my thoughts. Its been almost two months, I started this blog on the night of 12th may and I remember every single detail that I had planned about this.

17 posts, 8 award nominations, and countless reblogs later, I stand before you. Dear readers, this post is for you. A big thank you to the 500+ readers who became a part of my journey.

So, what makes this blog special for me. I love reading. I was completely new to the WordPress platform and it was here that I found a new perspective to explore. I have connected with people around the world, and…

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